History of Call to Holiness

The first Call to Holiness conference in 1996 brought together people from all over southeast Michigan with the common love of Christ and His Church. For some of us it was the first time to connect with like minded souls, when we felt like “the only ones” in our parish. The annual conferences became times for friendships to be made and forged. Concurrent youth conferences made them family events. The vendors offered opportunities and Catholic items that were not readily available elsewhere.
Twenty years ago there was no home internet use, no cell phones, no Catholic Radio and Catholic conferences were few and far between. Mother Angelica’s challenge to develop Catholic Radio was met. Authentic Catholic spin off conferences developed with Heart to Heart Catholic Women’s Apostolate in Ann Arbor, Holy Trinity Apostolate’s Lenten Symposiums, Men’s and Women’s conferences, Catholics in the Public Square, and Ave Maria Law School began in Ann Arbor. Call to Holiness conferences unified Catholics with various interests: pro-life, liturgical, Marian, and political.
After the first conference, Fr. John Hardon said, “History may show that Call to Holiness was the spark that ignited the restoration of authentic Catholicism in the United States.
None of it could have been done without dedicated volunteers. Fr. Perrone offered use of Assumption Grotto for meetings and dinners as he shepherded us. The first conference had 2000 attendees and 125 volunteers. Phyllis Bausano has faithfully volunteered as secretary for 22 years and is the only original Board member remaining.
THANK YOU to everyone who has helped with mailings, distributed fliers, advertised, donated, exhibited, or has supported us by your attendance. You have helped to increase the faith. May God reward you.


Episcopal Advisors:

Past Board Members:


Most Rev. Emilio Allué,
Most Rev. Fabian Bruskewitz,
Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
Most Rev. Arturo Cepeda
Most Rev. John Michael Quinn
Current Board Members
Christopher Kolomjec, President
Debbie Bloomfield, VP
Phyllis Bausano, Sec.
James Kortes II, Treas.
Mary Beth Baker
David Schuster
Fr. Charles White
Therese Williams
Harry Wisniewski

Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.

Augie Anetrini

Fr. Paul Czarnota

Richard Decker

Robert Demeniuk

John Doyle

Brien Dux

Patrick Fabian

Maria Hoeflein

Diane Korzeniewski

Ed Leslie

Beverly McElmeel

Jay McNally

Stephanie Nofar-Kelly

Barbara Middleton

Fr. Eduard Perrone

Chris Placido

Ken Pulis

Kevin Semer

Irv Simsick

Hurley Smith

Johnfrancis Twomey

Gino Vitale




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Below are Messages from some of our past speakers from the 20th Anniversary Dinner in 2016.



Messages from some of our past speakers for the 20th Anniversary Dinner in 2016:

It is an honor to be asked to participate, and I want to assure you and the participants of my prayers and best wishes for a most joyous celebration with Mr. Dale Ahlquist. The purpose of clarifying orthodox Catholic teachings continues to be a most laudatory, positive undertaking.
With my blessing and prayers for a successful anniversary dinner, and with my gratitude for your kind invitation, I am

Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,
The Most Reverend Fabian W. Bruskewitz
Bishop Emeritus of Lincoln

It was my great pleasure to be at the very first Call to Holiness conference twenty years ago. In fact, it was the first time I met Mother Angelica as a new Catholic. The world is a mess and the Church has gone through very rough times. In such times God raises up heroic people and organizations to stand strong for the truth of the Faith and the holiness of life. Call to Holiness has certainly done that. Though I travel a lot these days and could not attend the 20th Anniversary, I am with you in spirit. I remember several years ago you graciously invited me to speak on the enemies of the Church. It was my joy to do so and to share the passion of the Catholic Faith — always the Church militant — and to see the fervor of the participants. May God continue to bless you all and keep up the good fight as we serve Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Steve Ray
Footprints Of God Pilgrimages

The Call to Holiness conferences have been a source of inspiration and encouragement for orthodox Catholics for the last 20 years. While the first Call to Holiness Conference was organized in 1996 as an alternative to the dissident Call to Action Conference, it would be wrong to see CTH as simply a group of traditional Catholics reacting to their 'progressive' counterparts. On the contrary, Call to Holiness represent authentic Catholicism, a Catholicism rooted in the sacred liturgy, devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and fidelity to the Magisterium of the Church.

Robert L. Fastiggi, Ph.D.
Professor of Systematic Theology
Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, MI

Fr. Perone called me to ask if I would be a speaker at the first Call to Holiness conference. He explained it would be a local event.
I proposed inviting Mother Angelica and making it a national event. Fr. Perrone was excited about the idea but asked whether she would be willing to come. I told him I thought she would and that I would ask her.
I called Mother Angelica and explained to her how important this conference was. She already knew about the Call to Action conference, also in Detroit, and immediately said she would come.
What a blessing it was to have the large hotel ballroom completely packed! It was Mother’s presence that drew the crowd. But it was Fr. Perone’s idea that created the opportunity.

Deo gratias!
Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J.

It is hard to believe that seven years have elapsed since I had the honor of participating in the 2009 Call to Holiness conference. I would like to thank you for the additional honor of being invited to your 20th Anniversary Dinner, and although I must regretfully decline, you and the assembly will be much in my prayers.
I also wanted to congratulate you on twenty years of fidelity and goodness brought to the world by your work on Call to Holiness. I had a wonderful experience during it, and so did the thousands (it was clear to me) who were there. I would also like to thank you for your warm hospitality which you extended to me personally; I still look back on it with fondness and gratitude.
In short, I am a big fan of you and your labors and I wish you many more years of success!

In Christo per Mariam,
Michael P. Foley
Associate Professor of Patristics
Baylor University, Great Texts Program

Congratulations to Call to Holiness (CTH) on its 20th anniversary, and to Father Perrone for his longstanding and faithful leadership of CTH! I was very blessed to take part in the 2001 conference. One day, in heaven, the abundant fruit from CTH conferences and other activities will be fully realized. May we all be there together, please Lord, so that we can fully understand and celebrate CTH's impact (cf. 1 Cor. 13:12; 15:51-58)."

Tom Nash
Research Associate
Ave Maria Radio

I regret that I will not be with you. There will not be widespread authentic renewal in the Church without widespread acceptance of the teaching of Humanae Vitae. Many if not most of the social evils afflicting this country are related to the rejection of Christian chastity. I hope Call to Holiness can in some way advance the cause of Humanae Vitae.

John Kippley
Natural Family Planning Int.

I do recall, and with great fondness, the Call to Holiness conference in Detroit in 2000! I was a Catholic then only 5 years, having discovered the Church Christ established -- the fullness of truth and grace this side of Heaven -- yet with three generations lost to the faith.
Not only did the name of your Conference strike my heart as our very vocation on earth, but I was wonderfully impressed and strengthened by the character of the speakers and the seriousness and hunger for truth and holiness of the attendees. It was a joyful, zealous, life-giving and life-strengthening retreat from a world turned from God, but only to gather fuel as fearless messengers of hope and uncompromising truth to those for whom our Savior died.
God bless you and fill this 20th anniversary conference with new zeal, courage, and endless gratitude for all He has done - and yet will do!

Mother Miriam (then, Rosalind Moss!)
Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel's Hope

The Call to Holiness conference certainly began as an inspiration, and its fruits would indicate that the Holy Spirit himself was the source. Many of the original participants have gone on to the larger life, but what they have sown is producing much good at a time when the Church needs saints on earth more than ever.

Father George William Rutler
New York City

I wish I could attend. I pray that we can return soon. Continue the fight for souls in Detroit.

Leonardo Defilippis
St. Luke Productions

As a fellow laborer in the field, I have long admired Fr. Perrone for his pastoral work, fidelity to the Church, and boundless courage to speak and live the Truth. He is a dear friend, and a model for all of us who strive to live in faithfulness to Christ. It was a great blessing to speak at the first Call to Holiness conference, alongside such key voices as Mother Angelica, Fr. John Hardon, and Fr. Joseph Fessio. Since that time, the apostolate has inspired and equipped thousands of Catholic faithful in living God’s Truth. May God continue to bless their work, and multiply it ten-fold.

Rev. Robert Sirico
President, Acton Institute
Pastor, Sacred Heart Parish and
Academy, Grand Rapids, Michigan

My personal testimony to the sterling service that Call to Holiness has given to the Roman Catholic Church: Call to Holiness was jointly founded by Fr. John Hardon and Fr. Eduard Perrone in order to counter-act thirty years of erroneous teaching and practices in the Church, especially in regards to Call to Action founded here in Detroit.
In her twenty years of existence, CTH has provided dozens of the top theologians and speakers both laity and Clerical to address various Church related topics… (and) has provided incalculable information and comfort in helping to dispel this confusion… (and) has been especially faithful to continuing the legacy of Fr. John Hardon and is the best on going Catholic Conference in the nation.

Fr. Louis Guardiola C.P.M.